VB series vacuum bake out systems now available

The VB Series Vacuum Bakeout packages comprise the BC-3 Bakeout Controller, the IRB-600 IR heat emitter, and cables. The VB-1 operates on 120 VAC and the VB-2 operates on 230 VAC for Europe and Asia.
Designed to control both shortwave IR heating emitters and heating tape, the BC-3 vacuum chamber controller provides precise control of heating power, temperature, and bakeout time. The thermocouple sensor that is mounted to the vacuum chamber provides temperature feedback to the controller. The vacuum interlock feature is ideal for preventing excessive water vapor-loading on ion pumped chambers.
Used in conjunction with the IRB-600 shortwave infrared heating emitters, the BC-3 provides high energy power to desorb water vapor in vacuum chambers without the need to remove cables and realign optics, which is necessary with blanket radiant bakeouts. If you are using a Variac transformer to control the AC voltage to existing heat tapes, the BC-3 vacuum chamber bake out controller provides a safe alternative with additional layers of control.
The IRB-600 shortwave IR emitter assembly provides 600 watts of heating power to the inside of your vacuum chamber. The flange-to-center of the IRB-600’s emitter length can be customized so that the emitter is in the center of your chamber, ensuring more uniform heating. The IRB-600 is available in both 2.75" / 70mm CF and 40 KF flange styles. The BC-3 vacuum chamber bakeout controller can drive two IRB-600 emitters for a total power output of up to 1200 watts.
The IRB-600 IR Emitter and the BC-3 Bakeout Controller are each available for purchase separately.